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Take control of your show. Plug in controllers from a wide range of supported partners, and then map controls to supported video switchers, media servers and audio mixers. With Central Control, one operator can take control of every aspect of a production – even remotely, whether on your local network or across the internet.


Download the trial today and use Central Control with no limitations for 30 days, free of charge!

Plug and Play
Plug in your device and Central Control will immediately detect it. No need for restarts. Device connection failures are quickly and unobtrusively dealt with.

Rapid Control Mapping
Rapid assingment allows rows of buttons to mapped in the blink of an eye. An entire control surface in minutes. Buttons, Faders, Knobs, Encoders, T-Bars. All of it.

Sophisticated Control Layering
Every controller supports layering, allowing single controls to serve multiple purposes depending on the selected layer. 

Unparalleled Value for Money
Entry level intro version costs just $49 and is packed with support for 30+ controllers, 5 video mixers, replay servers, lighting consoles, media servers and so much more.

Key Features

  • Quick-mapping practically any MIDI controller to live production platforms
  • Triggers provide advanced conditional automation between devices
  • Rundown Clock provides innovative show rundown system useable by volunteers and TV professionals alike.
  • Control multiple devices with a single control surface
  • Enable automatic LED colour changes to reflect state/change
  • Enable local control surfaces for use with cloud-based video production, such as vMix on Amazon AWS
  • Control TriCaster’s audio mixer using Behringer X-Touch – or any MIDI control surface
  • Control vMix using broadcast grade control surfaces

Who Is This For?

Central Control is trusted by broadcasters small and large. From the big three letter acronym channels all the way to podcasters running out of their home studio. Central Control enables a single operator to do the work of a much larger team by using one control surface to control the entire production. With just one APC Mini, for example, a single operator can take control of:

  • vMix
  • Powerpoint
  • Titles
  • vMix Social
  • PTZ
  • Talkback/IFB push-to-talk and other single-channel intercom scenarios
  • Audio mixing – including full feedback with motorised faders

As live streaming becomes more commonplace and streamers try to do more by themselves, Central Control offers them the ability to do that without relying on a large crew for backup.

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