CX Magazine review of Central Control

November’s edition of CX Magazine features a great review of Central Control by Simon Byrne. In the article simon details his use case for Central Control and also explores many of the other workflows supported, such as remote control of multiple vMix instances running in the cloud. Highlights include

There are lots of suitable devices such as MIDI controllers and the popular Elgato Stream Decks out there, but the challenge is to make them talk with other devices.

A superb solution is Joe de Max’s Central Control. Central Control is Windows only software that links up hardware controllers with other devices on the same machine and local network.

The powerful feature of Central Control is to connect to other IP networks, and more than one at a time. Recently I did an online job where I was running two copies of vMix on separate instances in the cloud with different IP addresses, plus an ATEM Studio HD switcher locally.

All of this was brought together onto a single Stream Deck XL which meant I had every input from the three locations all on a single, easy to read controller in front of me.

At only $50 USD, Central Control is an invaluable addition when combined with your favourite controllers.

Check out the full article here . By Simon Byrne. First Published in CX Magazine November 2020