Month: December 2020

Central Control 1.4 Now Avaliable

Today marks the release of a brand new version of Central Control, with 10 new devices and countless improvements. Let’s look at the highlights

Behringer X-Touch Family
Full support for the entire range of Behringer X-Touch MIDI controllers, with full support of the scribble strips, transport display and VU meters. Scribble strips can be set statically, or dynamically to show channel names and levels. VU meters can pull live audio levels from a TriCaster or vMix and the transport display can show DDR/Replay timecode.

Resolume Arena
The most popular VJ software ever. We got a lot of requests for this from users who were streaming DJ sets. Now you can control it from your favourite Central Control devices!

ShowCAD Artist
ShowCAD Artist is the industry standard lighting controller in nightclubs, and now you can control it from Central Control. StreamDeck Labels can also be dynamically set by the names of cues/cue lists.

Toggle Buttons
The toggle button device provides 32 pairs of virtual buttons. Each virtual button has an A and a B. Map the commands you want to execute on the first push to the A, and the ones you want to happen the second time to the B. You can now toggle between these two states.

System Device
The system device allows control of simple Windows functionality such as open and closing processes, focusing windows etc. It also has a “On Startup” button that is automatically fired when Central Control loads, perfect to use for automating the setup of your show (Especially when combined with the devices own commands and delays!)

Full change log

New Devices:
Behringer X-Touch
Resolume Arena
ShowCAD Artist
Novation LaunchPad X
Novation LaunchPad Mini Mk3
Toggle Buttons
Encoder Event Splitter
Vicreo Listener
XK68 Joystick
X-Touch Mini (MC Mode, this replaces the old device)

New “VU Meter” control type
StreamDeck – Multiline Text rendering
MIDI Devices now default to the right port
vMix – Get Tally State for StreamDeck key
Avaliable commands now sorted alphabetically
Loads of new commands everywhere.
TriCaster/VMC/Vectar – Delegation system for M/Es, PTZ and Media Players
StreamDeck Key control type is now “Display”
Get TriCaster and vMix playback timecode for Display controls
New set internal feedback command for setting feedback of controls from another control
Added previous and next layer commands
MIDI devices now reset feedback state when disabled
X-Touch encoders now have feedback
Feedback is now sent on it’s own thread (finally!)
New “Get Current Layer” command for StreamDeck Keys
Max layer count increased to 99!

Bug Fixes:
XK60 Device ID fixed
Fixed bug where StreamDeck bitmaps on layer 1 would break when adding a new layer
Fixed bug where gear would disappear on high DPI monitors
Fixed bug where click cancel on new project dialog would just do it anyway


Want to use X-Keys or MIDI devices with vMix AWS Instances? Central Control makes it happen!

Live streaming expert TJ Thompson of iMintMedia made a great video of how he uses Central Control to run his vMix instances running in AWS. He uses a combination of a X-Keys XKE-64 Jog T-Bar and Behringer X-Touch Compact to control not just one, but multiple vMix instances running in Amazon AWS. Check out this video to see how he used Central Control on a production last month.