Central Control 4 Now Available!

Today we are excited to announce the release of Central Control Version 4, an update the pushes Central Control forward once more. It features both new Central Control exclusives as well as new modules and also some important quality of life improvements.


Central Control Connect allows for ultra low latency video monitoring of sources in resolutions of up to 4K, supporting both internal video sources such as the teleprompter and production clocks, as well as NDI Sources. The stream is accessed via a web browser making it possible to view it on almost any device – laptops, tablets, phones, smart TVs and even VR Headsets. Central Control Connect also levarages the GPU to ensure minimal resource usage!

X-Keys Improvements

Central Control now supports the usage of multiple of the same type of X-Keys, simply by setting the unit IDs uniquely. Further more, there are 3 new modules for new X-Keys on the modular series.


Central Control 4 has new modules for Magewell’s new Director Mini, allowing easy control over camera switching, graphics as well as audio, complete with VU meters and scribble strips when using the Behringer X-Touch. There’s also a module for the Magewell ProConvert decoder, allowing easy selection of video sources. 

Central Control API

Still in testing, the Central Control API allows users to do almost anything you can do in the main user interface from a simple to use HTTP API. This is useful for scenarios where you wish to script the mapping of your controllers on a show to show basis. Full API documentation is provided via Swagger.

Central Control 4 is a free upgrade for all existing Central Control 4 customers and is available right now!

Change List

Central Control Connect – ultra low latency monitoring of both NDI and internal video sources from a web browser in resolutions of up to 4K!
BETA – Central Control Mapping API – Full API for mapping. Ideal for automating mapping without having to use the UI.
Device Console – monitor control events, executed commands and triggers!
Flash Message feature in Teleprompter

New Devices:
Magewell Director Mini
Magewell ProConvert
Bitfocus Companion 3
Panasonic CGI PTZ Control
X-Keys XBK16x6
X-Keys XBA Jog Shuttle
X-Keys XBA-Fader
TYST Replay 580


Central Control update to .NET 7
Central Control and all associated applications updated to .NET 7!
Video outputs (such as Teleprompter, Production Clocks) can now have multiple outputs.
Disable checkbox in Device Mapping UI – easily globally disable a control and all commands.
Use multiple of the same X-Keys device (By changing the Unit ID in MacroWorks)
Added Record and Stream commands to OBS Module
Teleprompter now has right to left text support

Bug fixes:
Fixed audio control for ATEM audio mixer on non Fairlight models
Resolume Receive/Transmit ports were swapped
Fixed bug where teleprompter would keep scrolling into the vast nothingness of space after the script had finished