About Central COntrol

Central Control was created by Joe De Max and first released in May 2020. Joe had used other software on the market that enabled MIDI devices and Streamdeck to control live video production, but he noticed the limitations inherent in those solutions.

Specifically, Joe had a use-case that wasn’t served by any other application – to use a Newtek LC-11 control surface to operate a local installation of vMix. So he decided to build his own solution – Central Control.

Then Joe realised that Central Control could open up new ways of working for live video production – including the ability to use MIDI controllers and surfaces like the LC-11 to operate remote productions – even across the internet.

Joe has years of experience in live event and video production, having been involved in live shows for  high profile clients such as High Contrast and Knife Party, as well as live-streams for a number of businesses in the Nottingham area of England.