Central Control 3 Now available

Today we are excited to announce the release of Central Control Version 3, an exciting update to Central Control that no video professional will want to be without. Central Control 3 includes many new features, device modules and usability improvements that will be appreciated by existing Central Control users and new users alike.


New UI

The main window interface has been redesigned from the ground up. All devices in a project are now shown in a grid layout. It’s now possibly to see at a glance which devices are either on or off. The control and

 trigger buttons now also blink to show a control event or trigger respectively.



The Central Control Teleprompter provides a full prompter solution right inside Central Control. Scripts are created and edited using either Microsoft Word or Google Docs, so users don’t need to learn any new software. When the script is changed, Central Control will automatically update it for you.  By enclosing a line in asterisks, an action line will be created that will be shown in red on the prompter. These action lines can easily be converted to triggers in Central Control which can be used to automate video playback, control graphics and even automate the teleprompter itself. The output of the teleprompter can be sent to a fullscreen output and NDI simultaneously. Finally, the teleprompter can be controlled with any control surface in Central Control.


PTZ Control

Support is included for PTZ control using either VISCA protocol or NDI. As well as included modules for AIDA and PTZ Optics, there is a generic VISCA module to allow control of nearly any IP Visca compatible camera.  Optionally, it’s possible to select an NDI source to use for grabbing snapshots for presets, which can then be shown on Stream Deck buttons for easy recall of all your camera presets!


Command Delegator

The command delegator is the evolution of Central Control 2’s Command Splitter. Command Delegator allows for selection of up to 8 devices of the same type, which can then easily be controlled from a single set of controls without the need for time consuming mapping with layers. Device selection in the delegator is possible using both solo and toggle, allowing for dynamic control. The obvious application for this is controlling multiple PTZ cameras, but equally it can be used to control multiple vMix systems, HyperDecks or any other device in Central Control.




The Central Control WebPanel lets users create a custom web UI, adding widgets for buttons and faders that can then be mapped to any command in Central Control. The WebPanel supports multiple views that have their own set of widgets. By specific a parameter in the link, a user can be locked to a certain view in the WebPanel to restrict access to functionality. WebPanel allows for a fast and easy remote control solution from any browser, tablet or phone.


In addition to all these features, Central Control 3 also includes many new devices. For a full list see the Central Control website. Central Control 3 is available right now at $249 for the Elite version, $149 for Pro and $79 for Intro.


Full Change List:

New Devices:

Central Control Teleprompter (MS Word Version)

Central Control Teleprompter (Google Docs Version)

Central Control WebPanel (Trigger anything from any browser, iPhone, iPad etc)

Command Delegator Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (Use any controller in Central Control in your favourite games!)

Timer Device (4 timers with individually definable intervals to trigger commands)

Livestream Studio

Chamsys MagicQ (OSC)

NDI Camera Control


AIDA PTZ Control

Gnural LiveToAir

X-Keys XK14 T-Bar

Keyboard Input



Brand new main window UI with visual feedback for control and trigger input

NDI Framegrabber for PTZ Preset snapshots on Stream Deck Keys

Specify project file on startup with command line args

Specify run in tray using command line args

New TriCaster command for loading M/E preset

Massive performance improves in Device Mapping Window

New vMix command to display current list input on StreamDeck/Display

Added ATEM Stream/Record Commands

Added ATEM Set Transition Duration 

New splash screen to show load progress

Many more frame rates in NDI output device

Create Trigger(s) button for Rundown Clock and Teleprompter to allow faster creation of triggers

Get VU Meter command for vMix to show Master VU Meters on Stream Deck

Added support for Stream Deck Mini Rev2

LTC Input has much more headroom now

Updated NDI to 5.5

TYST Panel joysticks now work!

About window now shows product key


Bug fixes:

Blackmagic Videohub crash fixed when TCP message frames where split

Olly can now remove the modulator

LTC Input freewheel duration fixed. Now 5000 milliseconds.



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