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Say hello to CORE, your go to solution for all of the Central Control essentials. CORE runs effortlessly on Apple Silicon, Intel-based Macs and Windows systems. Map any device to another with ease and manage your show from any location using any control surface. CORE provides the comprehensive control you need to streamline control and enhance your productions, from any system.


Control Mapping

Effortlessly configure your control mapping through an intuitive mapping window. Simply select a control, assign your desired command, adjust parameters to suit your preferences, and finalize with the ‘add command’ button. With rapid control assignment, you can map an entire controller within minutes.

Plus, streamline your setup further by creating layers, enabling a single controller to fulfill multiple functions seamlessly.

Web UI

Unlike Studio, CORE operates directly within the web browser, enabling quick and easy editing of projects across any device on the same network as the host machine. This streamlines the process of making last-minute project tweaks. CORE maintains smooth performance throughout the Web UI, effortlessly embodying the essence of Central Control without missing a single beat! You’ll feel right at home.


CORE brings all your favourite modules and devices, including the ATEM SuperSource Animator. When it comes to mapping your preferred surfaces, converting between different protocols or even making use of CC utility modules – CORE brings the intuitive Central Control experience that you’ve come to rely on.

With no need to relearn features or sacrifice familiar modules, you can dive straight back into your familiar workflow with confidence.


CORE is designed to be cross-platform, enabling seamless operation on both Apple Silicon/Intel Macs and Windows machines. This versatility opens up a world of possibilities beyond traditional Windows-based production environments. With CORE, projects can be effortlessly saved and opened on any platform, eliminating concerns about compatibility.

Say goodbye to the days of worrying about Mac systems!