NDI Teleprompter! Outputting the Central Control Teleprompter to NDI.

Are you using Central Control for your productions? Did you know that it comes with a built-in software teleprompter module that you can output using NDI? With Central Control and NDI, you can easily send your teleprompter output to different devices or systems, like an iPad or a production system. Here’s how:

  1. First, set the resolution of your teleprompter module in Central Control tomatch the device or system you want to output to. For example,if you’re sending theoutput to an iPad with a 4:3 display, set the resolution to 1024×768.
  2. Now let’s add an NDI out module to your Central Control project. Don’t worry about the device parameters for the NDI output module in this case, since the video rendering settings are being defined by the teleprompter module.
  3. Central Control is a modular application so now we must actually connect the teleprompter module to the NDI Output module. To do this, connect the teleprompter module with the NDI output module by clicking the “Controls” button on the Teleprompter module. Choose the NDI output module as your target and add the “Send to NDI” command to the “Prompter Output” control.
  4. Now, let’s start your teleprompter playing and open your desired NDI output device or system, like the Sienna NDI monitor app on your iPad. In the list of sources, you should see the Central Control system with the name you assigned to the teleprompter module. Select the source and you should now see the output of your teleprompter on the device or system you chose.

That’s it! Central Control makes it easy to output your teleprompter using NDI, giving you the freedom to use it with different devices and systems.

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