Add, configure and remove devices in your project. Projects can be quickly saved and recalled for later use.

cloud workflows

As live production moves towards virtualization and the cloud, many challenges are faced, one of which being control. Using Central Control and supported devices, remote instances can be controlled with the same ease as they could if they were running on your desktop.


All control assignments are set in the mapping window. Select a control, choose a command, tweak paramters to your liking and hit the add command button. ‘Quick Assign’ can be used to map an entire controller in minutes. Layers are also setup here, allowing one controller to serve more than one purpose

Protocol conversion

As well as allowing simple control mapping, Central Control also has the ability to convert between protocols. For example, use your MIDI controller to send TCP commands, or fire off HTTP requests from an OSC device.


For MIDI controllers with LEDs, choose your own feedback states. Each control layer has its own feedback options, allowing for quick identifcation of control layers