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Effortlessly manage your devices within your projects, Studio is the ultimate toolkit for your productions. Add, configure, and remove with ease. Save and recall projects instantly and experience an intuitive UI with comprehensive high DPI support. Studio is built on a robust 64-bit architecture for unparalleled performance.


Flex Macros

Conventionally, macros in production involved a linear sequence of commands, each with manually assigned delays – an intricate and unintuitive process. With the introduction of Flex Macros, this process is simplified entirely.

Flex Macros utilize a timeline-based system, inspired by non-linear editing. Easily drag and drop commands onto the timeline to sequence them. Multiple tracks allow for parallel actions, and fader movements can be adjusted throughout a clip with various curve options. Intuitive and user-friendly, this system lets you fine-tune the timing of commands effortlessly.


Experience ultra-low latency video monitoring with Connect, supporting formats up to 4K60 over both LAN and WAN. Seamlessly integrate internal sources like production clocks and Teleprompters, alongside NDI sources. By leveraging the GPU for encoding, Connect minimizes CPU load and supports multiple NVIDIA graphics cards for more streams.

Streams can be viewed by any web browser, making it viewable on phones, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, and even VR headsets. Easily generate links or QR codes within the user interface for effortless client connections.


Rundown lets users create show rundowns using familiar tools like Excel and Google Sheets, which are then seamlessly accessible within its interface. This ensures directors and producers have critical information, including detailed event durations and precise time tracking. GPU-rendered production clocks display the current time, countdowns to the next event, and elapsed time since the current event started, providing essential real-time insights.

Rundown Clock integrates with Central Control’s Triggers system for show automation based on rundown events, while also supporting manual tracking. This allows users to mix automated schedules with manual overrides for ultimate control. In the unpredictable world of live TV, this blend of precision and flexibility ensures easy adaptation to any situation.


Create and edit scripts effortlessly using familiar tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs – no need to learn new software. Central Control will automatically check your script for changes, ensuring you’re always up to date.

Create action lines, displayed in red on the prompter, and convert them into triggers to automate video playback, manage graphics, and even control the teleprompter itself.

Enjoy the flexibility of outputting the teleprompter to both fullscreen and NDI simultaneously and take full prompter control using any surface within Central Control.

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